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The Bates Family of Old Virginia (BFOOV) was founded in the summer of 1971 by a pilot group of nine Bates researchers.  Names of the Founders and the beginning of the BFOOV is outlined in detail on page 3 through 9 of Bates Booster No. 121, dated January 1992.  This newsletter (No. 121) contains transcript of speech given by Mrs. Walter Gurney (Delma) Bates, one of the Founders, before the 20th Annual Reunion of the BFOOV held in June 1991 in Staunton, Virginia.

The By-Laws of the association was published in Bates Booster No. 3, dated April 1972.  Purpose as stated by the By-Laws: "To establish a consciousness of blood relationship among members of the BATES FAMILY, their wives and husbands; to promote especially among young members an interest in and reverence for Virginia history; and to assemble and publish documented information on the BATES FAMILY."  In respect to publications, our membership has lived up to the purpose of the By-Laws.  Over 20 Bates books/booklets have been published by the membership.  The Bates books may be found in various libraries to include the Library of Congress, with copies in our own Bates Lending Library.  The Bates Family of Old Virginia is designed to interest those Bates descendants whose ancestors originated in the South, with particular emphasis upon Virginia origin.  It is a regional association.  However Bates researchers are accepted as Associate Members (AS).  Further, members are encouraged to join our sister family association, The Bates Association, which is national in scope with particular expertise in regard to New England Bates.

Sad to report that Wayne Witt Bates has passed away in 2016

BFOOV Bates Lines

  • "JY"Descendants of immigrant John Bates (1598-1666) FFV of York CoVA

  • "WW" Descendants of William Bates (d1811) and his brothers of Wythe CoVA

  • "JS" Descendants of James Bates (b ca 1700) of Stafford / King George CoVA

  • "RA: Descendants of Robert Bates (ca 1745-ca 1851) of Albemarle CoVA

  • "WM" Descendants of William Bates (d1794) of Madisoon/Culpeper CoVA

  • "WE" Descendants of William Bates (ca 1646 - ca 1684) of Essex CoVA

  • "ER" Descendants of Edward Bates (d1762) of Richmond Co. & Fairfax CoVA

  • "TA" Descendants of Thomas Bates (d1755) of Amelia CoVA

  • "EA" Descendants of Rev. War Soldier Ephraim Bates of old Augusta CoVA

  • "VA" Descendant - Bates lineage not determined

  • "AS" Associate Member from any region - Researching Bates

February, 2008 Issue of The Bates Booster

Articles: Thomas Jefferson Bates, Editor's Notes, Membership Dues, Frances Burnett Bates, Search for Origin of John Bates, DNA Match Travels Overseas, Frederick Bates, Robert Hicks Bates, Virginia Bates Lineage Sources, Mystery Bates, Bates Back Fence (Queries)