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  Nomination of oldest Bates, Miss Lillie Oliver of N. Garden, Albemarle CoVA
  Recollection - Robert Bates, Sr (b ca 1750 d p 1850) was from England
  Acquisition - snapshot of Lillie Oliver (age 103), sibling of Annie and Horace
1857 Lewtter Written by W R Oliver 1857 Letter written by W. R. Oliver, descendant of Roland H. Bates of Albemarle
Report - BFofOV Research in England In search for parents of John Bates (1598-1666), our research in England bore no fruit.
Tax Lists for Wythe Co., VA Bates listed in Personal Property Tax Lists, Wythe Co., (1793-1820
William Bates, Quaker in New Jersey William Bates, born about 1635, from England to Ireland to New Jersey and his family
160 year old ledger offers glimpse of McMinn Monroe CoTN history (Wm Bates 1789-1842)
1767 Tax List for Pittysylvania Co listed "Henry Bates, Isaac Bates and Henry Bates, Jr". Question-did these Bates originate in Brunswick Co?
1769 Letter Written by 4th Gen. James Bates 4th Gen. James Bates was son of James Bates d1723, who was a prominent Quakter in York Co., VA
1781 Thomas Fleming Bates 1741-1805 carried War Dispatch from Col Charles Fleming to Governor Thomas Jefferson. The dispatch speaks of discontent of the militia from Goochland and Hanover counties and the reasons for such discontent.
1785 housing in Halifax CoVA complied by James Bates (1721-1785) plus family information
1787 Franklin Co Tax Info for Wm Toney, Issac Bates & John Bates
1787 Tax List 1787 Neighbors of Robert Bates, Sr. in Albemarle Co., VA
1797 Court Case-Moses Bates son of Reuben Bates, Sr of Louisa Co VA
1812 Letter - Winifred Bates to Father James Bates At age 17, Winifred Bates reports back to her father in VA in regard to visit to Uncle Thomas Bates of KY
1812 will of Edward Bates Jr of Fairfax CoVA Carrington and Broadwater wit
1817 letter to James Bates 1762-1825 from his half brother John Dunkum (1748-1827)
1830 & 1850 Bates Census in MO Marriages in MO-Taxpayers in MO (1819-1826)