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Back issues are available.  BFOOV's last full year of membership was 2011, with 2 issues. Bates Family of Old Virginia still has back issues for all years as well as bound volumes. Most years are 12 pages per newsletter, 4 newsletters per year. To order newsletters, please send a check or money order to Editor, P.O. Box 2640, Glen Rose, Texas 76043 and note that this is for Bates Booster. Or you may join with Paypal; see below OR ORDER ONLINE.

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Title: 1781 Thomas Fleming Bates
Description: 1741-1805 carried War Dispatch from Col Charles Fleming to Governor Thomas Jefferson. The dispatch speaks of discontent of the militia from Goochland and Hanover counties and the reasons for such discontent.
Year: 1993 Volno: 22 SerialNo: 132
Branch: JY
Category: Sketch
State: VA

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